University of Brighton students make recycling video featuring The Big Lemon

Students at the University of Brighton have made a great little recycling video featuring The Big Lemon. Rachel Strouvalis, Sam Day, Andy Summersby, Louis Monckton and Sam Askins interviewed a number of local academics and business people for their insights and produced a short film which they have put on Youtube:

Sam Askins said,
“We wanted to interview Tom because we knew he would have a fantastic view of creating a business as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. He helps people understand that a business in this day and age can run efficiently coinciding with caring for our green planet. His knowledge gave us the in depth background that we needed for us to understand why companies should recycle and how to recycle. Each little step that The Big Lemon takes from the basics of getting the cooking oil, all the way to to it being converted into usable fuel is done in such a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Sheerly amazing!”