BACA Entrepreneurs Club to feature The Big Lemon as a case study

The Big Lemon is to be a case study at the Brighton Aldridge Community Academy Entrepreneurs Club.

The event will take place on the 9 February 2012 at BACA, Lewes Road, Falmer BN1 9PW (behind the Amex Football Stadium) and Students, Parents, Private and Social Enterprises and Public Sector Managers are all invited!

The evening will be as follows:

  • 1600-1615 Coffee and networking
  • 1615-1645 Personal Health Risk Management
  • 1645-1715 Business Enterprise Risk Management
  • 1715-1730 Case Study: The Big Lemon Bus Company
  • 1730 Q and A and Networking
  • 1800 Meet The Royal Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce

“Risk Management for Health” by Shirley Ward (

Reduce your risk of low energy and reduced productivity by making small changes to diet and lifestyle, including:

  1. The right food choices for sustainable energy throughout the working day: Explanation of Energy giving foods and avoidance of energy depleting foods
  2. “Essential” food choices for efficient brain functioning
  3. Hydration: Crucial for maintaining energy and productivity levels. What happens when you’re dehydrated
  4. Get Outside!! The Power of Exercise & Exposure to Daylight


How to use business continuity planning to win tenders and reduce costs:

  1. WHY Resilience Planning can help win corporate and public sector bids
  2. WHAT are the key elements in planning for Disaster Recovery and Continuity
  3. HOW to keep the plan simple and effective to reduce time and cost
  4. WHO should be involved in reviewing and monitoring risk

Case Study: The Big Lemon bus company by Tom Druitt, MD
“How social enterprise and recycled cooking oil drive community sustainability”

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Students are providing food and drink – voluntary contributions are welcomed