Young Entrepreneur Club hosts The Big Lemon

The Brighton Aldridge Community Academy for young entrepreneurs is inviting parents and Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce to its new facilities. The Academy is now attracting business enterprise specialists to discuss good practice on business sustainability, risk management and well-being.

Speakers at the first event included Tom Druitt, MD of The Big Lemon, Shirley Ward from Down To Earth Nutrition, and Clive Bonny at Strategic Management Partners. Clive says:
“The first event has resulted in linking two RSA Fellow Catalyst projects. The Big Lemon is now planning to collect cooking oil from passengers to fuel its expanding fleet. They will also encourage passengers to donate clothes for recycling back to school where students can re-design, re-sell and re-use them. Such practical activities will develop student business skills and improve their employability.”

Sophie Gaston, school head of Entrepreneurship, is planning more events to bring successful business people back to school to mix with the new generation of students. Sophie says:
“Organisations want young people who can show real evidence of enterprise skills. Practical skills in recycling waste are already in great demand by private and public organisations. These activities will equip students with more rounded confidence and competence to meet employer needs.”

Shirley, Tom, Sophie and Clive at the first BACA Entrepreneurship Club event
Shirley, Tom, Sophie and Clive at the first BACA Entrepreneurship Club event

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