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The Big Lemon CIC

Protran House
Boundary Road
Brighton BN2 5TJ

Telephone: 01273 681681

In emergencies, if you need to contact us out of hours, please phone 07795 433540Please only use this number for genuine emergencies, for example if one of our vehicles has been involved in an accident or if the bus or coach you booked hasn’t arrived (whether you booked with us or not – we’re happy to fill in at short notice if we can!)  Lost property, timetable, and non urgent enquiries should be directed to the office: 01273 681681. Answerphone messages can be left out of hours.


Or come round and have a cup of tea with us!

If you cannot get to our depot or cannot use stairs (we are on the first floor and regrettably there is no lift) we are happy to meet at a local cafe of your choice, or we can recommend one!

You can also leave us a comment below, or if you have a complaint please refer to our Complaints Policy

29 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Tamara

    i was travelling on the lemon bus today, it left Falmer at 3:00 and believe I left my student ID card on the bus. The name is Tamara Stidwell, and i am a first year student.
    warm regards,


  2. Adam


    Do you employ bus cleaners?
    Currently have 11 years at Brighton & Hove, but looking about in case they get rid of us soon & I wish to keep within the bus industry.

    Kind regards Adam.


    1. Hi Adam

      Thanks for getting in touch! We don’t have bus cleaners at the mo but come over and have a chat with us and we’ll see what the options are 🙂



    2. Maddy Hope


      I was travelling on the lemon today, left old steine at 2:35, I left an a3 grey coursework folder with dots on it on the bus. Do you have it in lost and found or anything? It’s really important

      Kind Regards,

      Maddy Hope


  3. Nicky Dartnell


    My daughter left her mobile phone on your last shuttle bus from City College Wilson Avenue Campus to Pelham Campus. I wondered if it has been found when the driver returned to the depot. If you could check and let me know it would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Nicky Dartnell

    Thank you so much. I didn’t realise my husband had text you too! He will pick it up from the office tomorrow with one happy daughter! Thanks again

    Liked by 1 person

  5. danielle

    I have left my red purse with all I’d and cards on Brighton Uni shuttle bus. This was just a few mins ago. I got off at the Steine. I’ve tried calling but no answer. Please can you help?


    1. Hi Danielle

      Sorry you couldn’t get through the first time but I believe it’s sorted now – the driver found it and has handed it into the University for you to pick up 🙂

      All the best


    1. Hello Frances! Yes, all well 🙂 Any idea how many people need a lift? No one’s asked us to do a bus yet but if there’s more than a dozen or so it’ll be worth it 🙂


  6. Elouise Eftos

    Hi there, I’m booking the Big Lemon to Glastonbury from London, but I’m a little worried about knowing where to find the coach on the day. I’m from Australia and have only been to London twice. I’m also a little worried that the tickets won’t arrive to Australia in time. Is there a way to get them emailed through instead, rather than shipped? I also noticed on your website that the times we wanted said Wednesday the 21st of June (to leave), when it’s actually the 22nd. Wondering if this is a glitch on the website? sorry for all the questions. I hope I’m not being too annoying 🙂

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Eloise

      Don’t worry, not too many questions!

      Tickets don’t get sent – they’re emailed so you just show the email or quote the number, you don’t even need to print it.

      I can’t see where it says Wednesday 21st…? All the pages I can see say outward on Tuesday 21st or Wednesday 22nd…



      1. Elouise Eftos

        Thanks for getting back to me Tom!

        I’ve just booked two tickets for myself and my sister and they have been emailed to me 🙂 thank you for that!

        Just a little worried as it says we are leaving on Wednesday the 21st….really hoping that means the 22nd, as we don’t want to get there on the Tuesday! Should I send you my booking number?

        Thank you and can’t wait to ride with The Big Lemon Bus 🙂


  7. Josh Lancaster

    Hiya my name is josh and I was wondering if u had any daytime cleaning jobs I’m currently doing work experience as engineer at Brighton and hove buses in whitehawk I’m 17 from Eastbourne


    1. Hi Josh! Thanks for getting in touch; sadly we don’t have any cleaning jobs as the drivers do their own buses before and after their shifts… thanks though and good luck 🙂


  8. Margaret Brisley

    Hi Tom,

    Nice to read things are going so well.,

    A few months ago, I invested in B.L.shares. Will they now qualify for SITR or is it only shares bought now? Do they qualify for Enterprise Investment scheme?

    Please reply to my e-mail address and not Facebook.

    Best wishes,
    Margaret Brisley


  9. Will any of your lovely ladies be around for a free hug on Thursday as I’m visiting Brighton for the day? I’m joking, keep up the good work peeps! 🙂


  10. Hi Big Lemon, We’re making a short film for the University of Brighton to help raise awareness of a video service for students and staff and would like to film one of our students watching a short video on a bus between campuses. It would be shot over the shoulder with the student seated and estimate we could get this done between the stops of Moulescoumb and Grand Parade. Would this be possible?


  11. Jess White

    Hello big lemon!

    I sent you an email regarding a possible switch of tickets that I’ve purchased for the Lewes bonfire to another time slot. I was wondering if you had received it? I’ve tried calling the big lemon office several times today also and no answer…

    Hope to hear back from you soon.



    1. Hi Jess

      All done for you 🙂 Sorry you didn’t get through on the phone, we were probably all out driving a bus… but we got the message and have sorted it for you!



  12. Friederike

    What is going on with the university shuttle bus service? It’s been very unreliable recently with the 17:45 from Moulsecoomb to Falmer often up to 20 minutes late and sometimes (such as today) not turning up at all!


    1. Dear Friederike

      So sorry the bus has been late – I’ve emailed you a fuller explanation but fundamentally the traffic is sometimes impossible to cope with at that time of day – so much so that it’s very difficult to set a timetable that works all the time. Sometimes the journey takes 25 minutes, sometimes it takes 45 minutes… we are doing our best and the Lewes Road bus lane does help but the majority of the delay occurs between Old Steine and the Gyratory.


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