Research & Development

The Big Lemon has been doing a lot of R&D over the last few years in the following areas:

  • Electric Bus procurement
  • Electric Bus operation
  • Solar Installation on commercial premises
  • EV Charging infrastructure
  • Transitioning from a diesel to electric fleet
  • Crowdfunding and community investment
  • Strategies and methods for achieving passenger growth
  • Integrating multi-modal sustainable transport options
  • The potential for strategic transport hubs to facilitate modal shift

Research & Development credits

A lot of this work has been made possible by R&D credits, which have been available in the UK since 2001. We are grateful to our friends at Innov8 R&D who have made the process of claiming R&D tax credits really easy.

The government is incentivising companies who qualify for Research and Development credits with either a cash injection and/or credits off an upcoming tax bill.

If you’d like to see if your business can benefit from R&D tax credits get in touch with James on 01903 944543 or and tell him you got his details from The Big Lemon 🙂