Brighton University Shuttle

The Big Lemon operates a shuttle bus service for University of Brighton students and staff linking the Campuses of Falmer, Varley Park, Moulsecoomb and Grand Parade.

The service runs Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) during University Term Time (26 September – 16 December 2016; 9 January – 31 March, 24 April – 9 June 2017) The service is free for students and staff but passengers must show a valid University of Brighton ID card in order to travel.

Please note there are only two buses per hour on this service as that is as far as the budget stretches, and although we try our very best to stay on time the realities of Brighton’s traffic means that sometimes the bus gets held up. The best thing is to think of this as a nice (free!) addition to the rest of the transport mix and if for whatever reason the bus doesn’t appear when it should the best thing is simply to get a different bus rather than risk being late for University.


Route UB1: Old Steine – Moulsecoomb – Varley Park – Falmer

UB1 Route Map

Timetable: Click on the image below to display a larger version


26 thoughts on “Brighton University Shuttle

  1. Friederike Gunzel

    Why do the UB1 services finish so early in the afternoon? Lectures are timetabled until 6pm, so there should be buses at least until 6:30 for staff and students to get home after lectures. This is especially important as we now have lost the Park & Ride spaces at Moulsecoomb campus.


    1. It’s paid for by the University of Brighton to transport their students and staff. We’d love to offer the same service to other students too but we would need funding for that. We used to run a service to the University of Sussex but a price war and ultimately reduced usage made it unviable.


  2. Hollie

    Agree RE. buses not running late enough in the afternoon/evenings. Tom, do you have a contact who’d be best to speak to about this at UoB?


  3. Sophie

    Where can I find the stops to get on and off along the Lewes Road?
    The map provided doesn’t have any stop info?


    1. Hi Cier

      We’d love to, but the service is paid for by the University of Brighton and currently doesn’t include funding for app development. I totally appreciate your situation and wish we could do an app but they’re very expensive and we can only do one if the costs are included in the contract. Hopefully next year!


  4. Melian

    Hello! Sorry I ‘ve left my green woolen hat on big lemon but I forgot which bus is, could you help me with that?Thank you!


    1. Hi Eva, so sorry for the late response – been a bit overwhelmed here at Lemon towers with everything that’s going on! Yes, of course 🙂 The service is now done for the summer but hopefully see you in September 🙂


  5. Chiara

    Hi, is there any bus running through Preston park area? Otherwise I always need to get at least 2 buses to get to uni every time and its very time consuming 😦


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