Brighton University Shuttle

We would like to thank the students and staff of the University of Brighton and all our passengers on our university service for the fun times we’ve had carrying you between campuses over the last seven years.

The University has chosen a different provider for the next year and you can find information on this service here.

We have enjoyed running these services and will continue to maintain close links with the university community, and university clubs and societies will continue to receive preferential rates on coach hire.

Happy travels!

35 thoughts on “Brighton University Shuttle

  1. Friederike Gunzel

    Why do the UB1 services finish so early in the afternoon? Lectures are timetabled until 6pm, so there should be buses at least until 6:30 for staff and students to get home after lectures. This is especially important as we now have lost the Park & Ride spaces at Moulsecoomb campus.

    1. The times are set by the University, but a lot of people in the autumn said exactly the same so the times were extended from 4pm to 6pm

    1. It’s paid for by the University of Brighton to transport their students and staff. We’d love to offer the same service to other students too but we would need funding for that. We used to run a service to the University of Sussex but a price war and ultimately reduced usage made it unviable.

    1. Grand Parade is between two bus stops, to get on the bus the best stop is Old Steine Stop F, to get off the best one is bottom of North Road πŸ™‚

  2. Hollie

    Agree RE. buses not running late enough in the afternoon/evenings. Tom, do you have a contact who’d be best to speak to about this at UoB?

  3. Cier

    Can you make an app to track the bus or give rough times for all stops? its very confusing

    1. Hi Cier

      We’d love to, but the service is paid for by the University of Brighton and currently doesn’t include funding for app development. I totally appreciate your situation and wish we could do an app but they’re very expensive and we can only do one if the costs are included in the contract. Hopefully next year!

  4. Melian

    Hello! Sorry I ‘ve left my green woolen hat on big lemon but I forgot which bus is, could you help me with that?Thank you!

  5. Eva Z

    Am I allowed to bring my small well behaved dog on the shuttle?! Thanks love the lemon!!

    1. Hi Eva, so sorry for the late response – been a bit overwhelmed here at Lemon towers with everything that’s going on! Yes, of course πŸ™‚ The service is now done for the summer but hopefully see you in September πŸ™‚

  6. Chiara

    Hi, is there any bus running through Preston park area? Otherwise I always need to get at least 2 buses to get to uni every time and its very time consuming πŸ™

  7. Noah Clifton

    Hi I’m going to be a student at BIMM for the year 2017/18 and I’m studying at the Falmer campus of Brighton uni. I was wondering if I’d be able to use the shuttle to get to the campus? It sounds a bit cheeky but I thought I’d give it a shot! Thanks

  8. eva

    I am moving to the marina this autumn and am studying at Falmer campus are there any lemon buses where I can also use my student card to get on?

    1. Hi Eva, sadly not, the University has chosen a different provider this year and the service won’t go into Brighton any more. Best thing would be to get a 23 bus from the Marina to Falmer

  9. Claire

    Really saddened to learn that UoB has chosen not to run Big Lemon shuttle this year. Thank you to all the cheery drivers who have made the journey to and from Falmer much more enjoyable over the last two years.

  10. Rob Crozier

    Hiya can you confirm that there is no Brighton uni service from September, why did the uni not continue offering this service!!!!

    1. Hi Rob

      We can’t really comment on why the University has made this decision… as you’ll see with my comment above the University ran a tendering process for a reduced service between Varley and Falmer and chose Compass Travel to operate it. We’ll miss running the service, hopefully one day we’ll be back!

      All the best

  11. James Holliday

    What was the reason for the University changing provider? There has been a uproar as you might of heard and little information has been passed rather than the “We have done a travel survey”. Varley Park residents have to get a public bus to go to Moulescomb and so forth as the new bus only goes to Falmer. Any information would be great!

    1. Hi James

      For the avoidance of doubt there has been no reduction in demand for the service; indeed over the last few years the only trend has been upwards. It’s not for us to comment on the reasons as I’m sure you’ll appreciate; the University ran a tendering process for a reduced service between Varley and Falmer and chose Compass Travel to operate it. We gave the University a number of options back in the Spring as to how they could continue running the existing (2016-17) service at much-reduced cost but they did not progress the ideas further. It is of course a great shame as we all enjoyed running the service and the students and staff seemed to enjoy it too, but if the University chooses another option it’s not our place to argue!

      All the best

  12. Moises

    Hello Tom, is the Lemon bus running from town into Varley Halls? if so, where could I find the timetable for it. many thanks.

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