Route 52 / 52A

Service 52 runs all the way between Woodingdean and Patcham via Ovingdean, Brighton Marina, County Hospital, Kemptown, Old Steine, Brighton Station (morning & evening peak services only), London Road, Fiveways, Hollingbury and Patcham. The Big Lemon operates Service 52 on a contract with Brighton & Hove City Council.  The service operates daily except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Service changes from Sunday 29 October 2023

We are pleased to announce that we have made some small changes to timetables to improve punctuality and reliability, whilst retaining the new evening and Sunday services which are proving popular with passengers. Please click here for the new timetable.

Timetable from 29 October 2023

(Click on the timetable below for a larger PDF version)

18 thoughts on “Route 52 / 52A

  1. Will

    Many nursing shifts finish at 20:00. There is a large cohort of nursing (and other NHS) staff that would use a 52 back to Woodingdean if it were available after 20:15. Is this a possibility?

    1. Hi Will, thank you and apologies for the delay getting back to you! We’ve put a proposal in to the city council for a later service – fingers crossed! We’ll find out by the end of July whether it’s possible 🙂

      1. Julia Crimp

        Hi Tomorow,

        Thankyou for your reply, the 57 is not an option unfortunately, as it doesnt go to Woodingdean

        many thanks

  2. Richard

    I hear there is a revised timetable coming for Route 52. When will this be available to view, in case it impacts journey planning? Thanks,.

    1. Hi Richard

      This is currently under review but no decision yet so assume no change for the time being and we’ll let everyone know as soon as we know any different!

      All the best

  3. Pascale

    I just wanted to support the idea to have a connection Woodingdean-Falmer. At the moment, there are only three buses per day with the Brighton Buses and this road is packed at rush hours. People have no choice but to have a car there and it is very bad!

    Have the big lemon buses already considered the need for a new line there, in a way it could be a follow up to the 52?

    1. biglemonnorman

      Hi Pascale

      Yes, we have actually looked into this. The trouble is twofold: one, we would obviously pick up nobody between Woodingdean and Falmer, which is quite along stretch, so that makes it unattractive. More significantly perhaps, vehicles along that stretch can get badly delayed and I would not want to risk the punctuality along the rest of the 52 Route. I have nevertheless put the idea to Sussex University to see if they might want to help co-fund such a route but they do not wish to do so at present. We will keep it under review. I hope this helps and thanks for the idea.

      Norman Baker MD

  4. Pascale

    Thanks for your answer. It would make sense that the Universities help to fund such a line and it is great to hear that you asked, despite the answer! I hope their vision will change in the future.

    Best continuation for the Big lemon Buses!

    1. Kelly Dibbert

      Hi Christine

      Thanks for asking, we’re working on them now and we’ll publish them tomorrow.

      Best wishes


  5. Josh

    Looks like this web timetable is out of date? I waited for the 7.48 bus no 52 towards woodingdean from Lidl and it didn’t come and wasn’t listed on the bus stop

    1. Tom Druitt

      Hi Josh, sorry to hear you waited in vane, the timetable is up to date but there isn’t a 7.48 departure – may have been the 8.48?

  6. Lynne

    Appalled again, 7.22 am Ovingdean.
    Waiting for the bus as my shift starts 8.00am in the hospital. 7.50 now and no bus on the horizon.

    Great community support. What a joke is this?!
    Of course clap for key workers is something completely hypocritical in this area.

    You really need to pull yourself as a company not just sharing your 2030 vision. No one cares if buses aren’t running on time.

    With very best wishes

    1. Tom Druitt

      Hello Lynne, so sorry to see this – the 7.22 bus isn’t running on the current Covid-19 timetable above. Hopefully we’ll be able to re-instate the full timetable sometime soon, we’re discussing the matter with the council and we’ll update here as soon as we get some news 🙂
      Take care

  7. Gracie


    Have you stopped services to the longhill road bus stops in ovingdean if so is the one around 8.06am (not sure the exact timing) going towards patch still running?


    1. Tom Druitt

      Hi Gracie, no, all services running as before; that bus goes past the Stores at 8.05am 🚌 👍

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