52 Bus to return to the streets of Brighton from 16 September

Following a comprehensive consultation exercise the City Council has decided to extend the route of the 52 bus to Old Steine, with two journeys in the morning and one in the evening continuing on to Brighton Station.

The consultation ran for four weeks from 6 June to 4 July, and consisted of postal surveys, an online survey and survey answers collected from passengers by the bus inspector. The survey was advertisied on bus stops, on this website, on the City Council’s website and on Facebook and Twitter. Rottingdean Coastal ward councillors (which includes Ovingdean) also organised the delivery of 1000 leaflets advertising the survey and explaining the options to households throughout Ovingdean.

There were 242 responses to the survey. The result was as follows:

Option 1 (status quo; hourly service from Woodingdean to Brighton Marina): 32%

Option 2 (Hourly service with peak-time journeys going to city centre instead of Marina): 31%

Option 3 (90 minute frequency with service going to city centre on every journey): 37%

Accordingly Option 3 is the one we’ll be running from 16 September. Click here for a timetable.

We have had a range of feedback about the changes. Most is positive but it’s also clear it won’t work for everyone and we are very sorry if the changes make it harder for some people to use the bus. However, it’s clear from the level of feedback we’ve had that the fact the service didn’t go to Brighton was the single biggest criticism of it, and we are very pleased that has now been addressed. We will continue to work hard to improve the service and we look forward to continuing to work with the City Council and the local community to do this.

Commenting on the survey result one local resident said:
“Brilliant, well done you. I will now resume going on the bus into Brighton and for the station, be it that it is less frequent than before when I used it regularly door to door. It was one of the many reasons that we chose to retire to Ovingdean, the bus route.
What pleasant drivers you have who wave and smile when my car needs to negotiate with them. I’ve missed the bus journeys, they gave me time to look around gardens and the fabulous scenery and interesting people on the bus and the pavements.”

Lynda Hyde, Councillor for Rottingdean Coastal ward, said:
“I am really impressed with the amount of consultation which has taken place with the residents. Also, much care and consideration has been given in producing a number 52 bus service to the best satisfaction of residents within the resources available”.

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