The Big Lemon produces first test-batch of home-made biodiesel

The Big Lemon has today produced its first test -batch of home-made biodiesel as a first step to producing its own fuel on a commercial scale. As resources (especially fuel) become ever more scarce, energy-intensive to extract and expensive, it’s more important than ever to aim for self-sufficiency at a local level. The Big Lemon has been collecting its own waste oil from Brighton & Hove’s restaurants for almost two years now, and fuel production on site is the next step in its aim to become self-sufficient.

Markus Vogt, The Big Lemon’s oil collector who ‘cooked’ the first test-batch, said:
“The test batch looks like it’s worked well. The glycerine has separated nicely from the esters, indicating a successful reaction. Now our energy is completely disassociated from the mainstream fuel markets, we are at the mercy only of the fantastic pubs, restaurants and hotels of Brighton and Hove.”