An electric future comes a step closer for Brighton & Hove

Ten days into our fundraising campaign The Big Lemon is halfway to its target of £100,000 for our first electric bus – what will be the first fully electric bus in Brighton & Hove.

As reported in the Brighton & Hove Independent last week, and on Latest TV just yesterday, The Big Lemon is in the middle of a campaign to raise money to buy electric buses to help address air quality in Brighton & Hove and trial new technology to enable us to develop even greener, cleaner bus services.


An electric bus similar to what we plan to operate in Brighton & Hove


This will be a huge investment for us, as each electric bus costs approximately twice as much as the equivalent diesel vehicle:

What do we need to get our first electric bus? Cost
Electric bus £233,803
‘Slow’ charger for overnight charging £2,440
‘Fast’ charger for topping up the charge £23,111
Total £259,354

The response from the public has been incredible, with over £50,000 pledged in just ten days!  This is half of what we need for our first electric bus, and together with some of our own money and a government grant, we are hoping to be able to raise what we need by the end of February, so we can have the bus on the road in September:

Where is the money coming from? Target
Bond issue £100,000
Government grant for the bus £108,865
Government grant for the charging infrastructure £19,163
Company funds £31,326
Total £259,354

Tom Druitt, Managing Director, said

“I’d like to thank everyone for their support – it’s been overwhelming. It’s really happening now, and to raise that much money in such a short time shows us that people are keen to see this technology in Brighton & Hove.  We have £50,000 left to raise, so I’d like to ask everyone to spread the word, check behind your sofas and take advantage of what is a fantastic investment opportunity”

Andrew Boag, from Brighton Area Buswatch said

“Brighton Area Buswatch welcomes this bid which will make a significant contribution to improving air quality in the city”
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