The Big Lemon’s MD visits Ringmer Community College – sustainability in practice in a big way!

The Big Lemon’s MD Tom Druitt recently visited Ringmer Community Academy to meet Year 10 students who have been doing a project on sustainable transport. The students chose transport as a topic because it has such a big impact and is so important for all pupils at the school. As part of the project the students have researched where the school’s pupils come from and how they get to school.
They invited Tom to talk to them about sustainable transport and explore ways in which more of the school’s pupils can travel in a sustainable, cost-effective way. Tom also spoke with the Principal, Ms Stonier and her collegue Mr Green about recycling the school’s cooking oil for use on the buses, and running a trip to The Big Lemon’s depot to show the pupils how the oil is recycled into fuel.

Tom Druitt with Ms Stonier and Mr Green
Tom Druitt with Ms Stonier and Mr Green

Ringmer Community College is one of the country’s leading Eco-Schools and has recently been given Eco-Schools ‘Ambassador’ status following an inspection. They have their own wind-turbine, solar array, biomass boiler and eco-classroom and sustainability is at the core of the curriculum.

For more information on the school visit their website or call 01273 812220.