16 Seater Minibus

Our 16 seater Minibus is perfect for smaller groups for days out, birthdays, hen and stag parties and sports events both near and far. It is fully seatbelted.

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Notes to help you with your booking:

1. Please order enough hours to cover the whole journey from our depot in Brighton (BN2 5TJ) to your first pick-up, the whole of your trip including any waiting in the middle, and the journey back to our depot afterwards.

For example if you need to go from Lewes to Chichester with a four-hour stay in Chichester and then a return trip to Lewes, the time you need to book is the time it will take us to drive from our depot in Brighton to Lewes, pick you up, drive to Chichester, drop you off, wait four hours, pick you up, drive back to Lewes, drop you off and finally drive back to Brighton. You can use Google Maps to find out how long it takes to get to places but please remember that it generally takes longer in a bus or coach and you need to allow time for picking up, dropping off, rest stops, waiting for the one who nipped to the toilet, etc.

2. If you need to book a return trip which involves a short trip out and a short trip back with a long wait in the middle it may be cheaper to book the outward and return journeys separately.
For example if you’re booking a trip from a Brighton hotel to a venue nearby in the city, leaving at 8am and returning at 6pm, it will be cheaper to book two trips of one hour each than to book one trip lasting the whole day.

3. Mileage is unlimited up to a daily maximum of 200 miles – if your total journey is further than that please phone 01273 681681 or fill in our booking request form at https://thebiglemon.com/bus-coach-hire/. If you’re not sure how far your journey is, Google Maps can tell you!

4. If your journey is within the next 7 days please phone 01273 681681 to make sure we can do your trip before you book.

5. The law requires drivers to have a break of 45 minutes after 4.5 hours driving, and not to drive for more than 9 hours in one day. If your trip requires more than 4.5 hours continuous driving or more than 9 hours driving in one day please phone 01273 681681, or email hire@thebiglemon.com

7. If your booking requires decoration of the vehicles, personalisation of the destination screen, parking, overnight accommodation for the driver or payment of the London Low Emission Zone please book these separately; they are at the bottom of the drop-down list.

8. If your booking goes over two or more days, please book each day separately, and book a night’s B&B for the driver for each night away, from the drop-down list below. The minimum daily hire for each day away from base is 6 hours.

9. All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions

10. If you have any questions please call us on 01273 681681 or email hire@thebiglemon.com and we will be happy to help!