Frequently Asked Questions

Bus and Coach hire Brighton

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How many of each size coach do you have?
    1. Five large coaches, two minicoaches and one minibus. If you need more than this we can book more vehicles from our trusted local partners – please put your requirements in the box below and we’ll see what we can do!
  2. Do they have seatbelts?
    1. Yes, all of them have seatbelts. The minibus and one of the coaches have three-point belts, the rest are lap belts. If you require three point belts please put this in the special requests box on the booking form.
  3. Are the drivers DBS checked?
    1. Most of them are, please put this in the special requests box on the booking form.
  4. Do they have toilets, stereos and space for luggage?
    1. One of the coaches has a toilet. All of the coaches have large luggage lockers underneath, the minicoaches and the minibus only have enough space for on-board hand-luggage. Most of the coaches have a stereo, the minibus also has a stereo, but the 25 seaters do not have stereos. We have a portable CD player which we can use if you would like some music.  Please put your requests in the special requests box on the booking form.
  5. If I cancel the booking do I lose my deposit?
    1. In most circumstances, yes. This is to cover the cost of the administration, the lost business and if it’s short notice, the driver’s wages. In exceptional circumstances (for example a bereavement or similar) we we are happy to return the deposit – please ask.
  6. What if the details change?
    1. Just let us know and we’ll change the booking details. If there’s a change in price we’ll let you know.
  7. When is the balance due?
    1. Seven days prior to the trip.
  8. Can I have a look at the vehicle before I book?
    1. Of course, let us know and we’ll tell you when it’s available in the depot
  9. Does the price include tolls, parking, drivers accommodation and other fees?
    1.  Yes, the price you see is the price you pay 🙂
  10. How do I do an overnight booking?
    1. Simply book in the normal way, from the start day/time until the finish day/time.  The rates are calculated so that the overnight hourly rate covers the costs of driver accommodation, overnight coach parking and the daily fixed costs for the coach while you are away.
  11. How long can the driver drive for before they have a break?
    1. 4.5 hours (starting from our depot), then they need to have 45 mins rest. Then they can drive another 4.5 hours before they finish for the day. Full rules are here.  If your booking exceeds 9 hours driving we will put two drivers on it, or put arrangements in place for drivers to swap. There is no need to factor this in – the system does this automatically.
  12. Can we have the same driver as we had last time?
    1. Possibly! Please put your requests in the special requests box on the booking form.
  13.  Can I pay by cash or cheque?
    1. The booking system only accepts cards or Paypal; if you want to pay any other way please fill out the form below and we will do a quote manually for you but please note it is cheaper to do it online if you can!
  14. Do you have disabled access coaches? 
    1. No, sadly not – we would love to have them but they are hard to come by and incredibly expensive. One day we hope we will but in the meantime you will need to book elsewhere. We can of course help with transfers and store wheelchairs underneath on the coaches if that’s an option for you.
  15. Can we drink alcohol on-board?
    1. We do allow a glass of bubbly on our wedding coaches or for a festive occasion such as a birthday party but generally speaking alcohol is not otherwise allowed to be consumed on the coaches.
  16. Do you take children? What about car seats?
    1. We take children of all ages but cannot supply car seats or booster seats so you will need to bring these with you.  Our minibus and one of our coaches have three-point seatbelts for car seats, please check with us before you book.  Further details on the law around children on buses and coaches is available here.
  17. Can you give me the driver’s details before the trip?
    1. Yes, please get in touch a fews days before your trip and we’ll give you the driver’s details.
  18. What are your terms and conditions?
    1. They are here.

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