Electric Buses in Somerset & Wiltshire?

The Big Lemon headed to Frome last weekend for one of Frome’s Green Breather Days.

This is a day when the town centre is closed to traffic (apart from a Big Lemon bus and a CoCars car-share car!); there are a series of them throughout the year and this particular one had a “sustainable transport” theme.

It was a really enjoyable day! Local shoppers were very interested in the bus and very keen to see zero-emissions bus services in the local area. Frome and Villages Bus Users Group had a stall next door and we had some good conversations about bus services, the potential for a transition to low carbon and zero-emissions buses, and about community business models.

We also met a number of local councillors, both from Frome and also other market towns nearby. There are a number of towns in the area who are looking at their community bus services and are very keen to transition to low carbon and zero-emissions services, as well as improve provision in their towns, especially at evenings and weekends.

We had a great time in Frome and it was a real pleasure to meet local residents, bus users and councillors! It was great to see so many people interested in low-carbon and zero-emissions buses, and there was also a lot of interest in community business models more generally. And to top it all, I bumped into an old friend from Brighton who used to ride The Big Lemon ten years ago!

Tom Druitt, Founder & CEO

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