Protecting children’s health from air pollution on Clean Air Day

Today is Clean Air Day and this year sees schools, hospitals, workplaces and communities across the UK running activities and taking action to inspire people to take simple steps to protect their health, their families’ health, and children’s health from air pollution.

In line with this year’s theme ‘protect our children’s health from air pollution’, we are demonstrating our support for action on air pollution and speaking out to show how much we care about building a clean air future for our children.

Air pollution affects your health from your first breath to your last, as the damage to our health can start when we’re a baby and carry on through into old age. But poor air quality is not a fact of life. Our air pollution crisis is solvable and there are simple steps we can all take to help our family avoid toxic air and cut down on the pollution we emit – it’s good for us and good for the planet too.

The Big Lemon is supporting a Clean Air future through increasing our fleet of electric buses from nine to 16 across Brighton and Hove. That’s facilitating over 1000 extra passengers per day to travel differently and sustainably around the city.

Traffic is one of the main pollution sources in our towns and cities and The Big Lemon ‘s vision is to offer the community access to affordable, sustainable transport, using zero-emissions vehicles powered by renewable energy.

The Big Lemon has been investing heavily in electric vehicles and will launch four brand new Higer electric buses at the London to Brighton Electric Vehicle Rally on Sunday 18 July.

The Big Lemon is a founder partner in the rally, which aims to showcase and celebrate the rapid development of electric vehicles and renewable energy technology.

“Following the end of most lockdown restrictions congestion and air pollution has returned to our cities with a vengeance.

“As we return to our lives, we must take this opportunity to create a healthy environment for our children where they can learn and play safely.

“I’m proud that The Big Lemon has been somewhat of a pioneer in Brighton & Hove, working with the community to bring forward electric vehicle technology to combat air pollution in our city. We hope to be able to do the same in many other communities in the future to realise our vision that in 2030 every community in the UK has access to affordable public transport using zero-emissions vehicles powered by renewable energy.”

Tom Druitt, Founder & CEO, The Big Lemon

Further information on Clean Air Day is available from the Clean Air Day website

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