Fully electric bus network comes a step closer

The Big Lemon’s goal of creating the UK’s first fully electric bus network is a step closer today after we passed the halfway point in our campaign to raise £405,000 to bring our electric fleet up to six – the total required to run all our Brighton & Hove routes with zero-emissions electric buses.

The Big Lemon already operates two electric buses on its routes in Brighton & Hove, powered by solar energy generated on the roof of the bus depot. These buses were once diesel buses and have been converted into electric buses by Magtec in Sheffield.

If successful, we will be converting one more diesel bus, and adding three brand new electric buses to the fleet. As of today we have raised £215,800, leaving £189,200 to go to complete the task.

The investment is being offered in the form of bonds, with both three and five year options and a minimum investment of £100. The three year option yields 4% per annum and the five year option yields 5% pa.

The project is part of The Big Lemon’s vision that by 2030 every community in the UK has access to affordable, sustainable transport, using zero-emissions vehicles powered by renewable energy and owned by the local community. It is supported by the Department for Transport and Brighton & Hove City Council.

So why have people been so keen to invest?

It is an ethical business which I would like to see succeed, and it pays a decent interest rate.

I believe it is the future.

Our daughter lives in Brighton and thinks we should

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