Going Solar


So the countdown is under way for the arrival of our two new electric buses, the first of which is due with us next week.

The buses, which will operate on our Route 52 from Woodingdean through to the city centre, are solar-powered. We think this is a first for the UK. How does it work? Well in parallel with the preparation of the electric buses, we have been busy installing solar panels on the roof of our depot, which means each bus can be charged up with solar energy overnight, ready for its run the next day.

How Solar Buses Work

The buses will of course be lemon in colour – what else? – but with a striking modified design put together by Tom Druitt and me, featuring a happy sun. And for the first time, our buses will be equipped with wi-fi.

Naturally we are celebrating their arrival with a launch party, on Friday 28th. Last time I attended an event with new solar panels at a school, they jacked me up in the air in a cherry picker to cut a ribbon, but I think I have avoided that this time.

So with new solar-powered buses, and all our coaches running on used cooking oil, The Big Lemon just gets greener and greener. Do lemons go green?

Norman Baker

The Big Lemon's electric bus batteries and drive system
The Big Lemon’s electric bus batteries and drive system

3 thoughts on “Going Solar

  1. Great initiative but you might want to rethink the description ‘recharging from solar at night’.
    Some spec on battery type, capacity, range, etc. would be interesting (#geekAlert)
    All the best!

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