All welcome to our Annual General Meeting!

The Big Lemon will be having its Annual General Meeting this Sunday at 5pm at the company’s headquarters at Black Rock.

The Agenda will be as follows:

  1. Attendance and Apologies
  2. Minutes of the last AGM and of the EGM held in January 2012.
  3. Review of the 2011 Accounts, Annual Report and Social Impact Report.
  4. Review of the year 2012 to date, and forecasts for 2012 as a whole.
  5. Plans for the Future.
  6. Elections to the Board.
  7. Any Other Business.

The meeting will close at about 7pm.

The Big Lemon is at an exciting stage in its development, with a number of ne projects and partnerships, and this autumn for the first time we are going to be running School Buses and a City Council-supported service, the number 52.

If you are not yet a shareholder you are very welcome to come too, although you will not be able to vote. If you would like to you can buy a share here, and then you will be able to vote!

The AGM will be at Protran House, Boundary Road, Brighton BN2 5TJ. Click here to see a map

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