Where have all the stickers gone?!

Driving up and down Lewes Road on the 44 service yesterday our drivers noticed a strange (or maybe not so strange) thing… the 23 and 25 buses which had until last week had stickers by the entrances advertising lower fares, suddently had no stickers!

Have they all fallen off on the same day?! Have they, by some massive coincidence, been taken down on the first term day that we’re not running a 42 (since 2008) for reasons other than because there’s no 42?!

We don’t know, but we did try buying one of the £2.50 day tickets and it was still available… but for how much longer? Are we going to see the stickers go, then the fares, then the extra frequencies…?

If you can find a 23 or 25 bus with a sticker still on then get a friend to take a photo of you next to the sticker, post it to our Facebook Group and the first person to do it gets a Big Lemon T Shirt!

The sticker advertising the ‘Bargain tickets’ that suddenly became available last year. Although Brighton & Hove Buses’ MD Roger French said the fare reductions had “nothing to do with other bus operators” (The Argus, 21 Feb 2011), both fares just happened to match ours exactly!

(Photo: Stuart Barber)