Autumn service launched today!

Today saw the launch of The Big Lemon’s service 42 serving Lewes Road and the Universities, with four buses leaving the depot to resume the service in preparation for the return of the students to the universities this weekend.

The service has improved capacities in the early morning rush, with extra buses on standby to cope with heavy demand. Service 42 will run every 15 minutes between 8am and 10am, and half-hourly after that until the last departure from Old Steine at 4am. There will be an hourly service service at weekends, with the last bus from Old Steine at 4am on Saturdays and midnight on Sundays. This year there will be no service during University holidays due to lack of demand but this will be reviewed next year.

Fares have changed slightly, with a regular adult single now £1.80. For shorter journeys the short hop has been extended to cover any three stops along the route, at the same price of £1. There is a new Group Return which, at £10, allows five people to travel together. The aim is to continue to offer the cheapest possible travel for passengers while ensuring the long-term viability of the service.

The Big Lemon continues to run a membership scheme for regular passengers, offering unlimited travel for the year and a say in how the service is run. Most of the changes this year have been a direct response to feedback from members, and services will continue to be planned according to what members want.

The award-winning service still uses buses running exclusively on recycled waste cooking oil leading to reductions in CO2 of approximately 75% as well as eliminating sulphur dioxide altogether. This not only reduces climate change, it also cuts back harmful pollutants in the city’s air and reduces acid rain.

The Big Lemon will be at Freshers Fair at both Universities next week giving out magic wristbands which allow holders a special Freshers Fare and it is rumoured fresh lemons may also have a part to play in the fun planned for the week!