The Big Yard Sale

We are moving next door and there is currently stacks of building materials, toilets, baths and sinks, windows and doors, and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things there. Much of it is in good condition, some of it less so, but most of it is useable and there are a few quite sought-after things like period fireplaces and such like.

We are holding a Big Yard Sale on Saturday 16th July between 9am and 6pm, where we aim to shift almost everything on site. So come and have a look around, make us a stupidly low offer on anything you like the look of and we’ll most likely accept it! We’re basically giving the stuff away, but we aim to raise a few quid along the way to help with the costs of moving in.

Everything left will be used as hardcore or given to charity.

Below is a selection of pictures, but there’s a lot there that isn’t in the photos so come and have a look around anyway!

Hope to see you there!

July 2011 463

July 2011 464

July 2011 466

July 2011 468

July 2011 469

July 2011 470

July 2011 472

July 2011 473

July 2011 474

July 2011 475

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July 2011 477

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