Announcing The Big Book Share

Bid & Borrow are teaming up with The Big Lemon to organise The Big Book Share for Brighton and Hove. The Big Book Share will operate on six Big Lemon buses from the end of April 2011 for anybody using Big Lemon buses. The aim of The Big Book Share is to get people sharing and reading all those wonderful books out there currently gathering dust on the bottom shelf!

How it works (it’s really easy!):

To borrow a book, just pick one out of the Book Share Box on the bus, fill in your name and location on the book share sticker inside the book. (If the book doesn’t already have a book share sticker in it, grab one from the box and stick it inside the front cover). Why? We’d like to know who has read the book and where they read it! Enjoy the book then, when you’re finished with it, pass it on to someone else to read or drop it back in the Book Share Box.

So that we can offer as many different books as possible through The Big Book Share, we’d love you to give us your unwanted books. Simply jump on a Big Lemon bus with a Book Share Box, put the books in the box and let them start their journey!

So next time you hop on a Big Lemon Bus remember to bring your unwanted books to share with others. Then settle down for a good read of a newly discovered book for your journey.

We want to know whether your book travels to Hanover or Hungary and will be looking for interesting stories to report on! Keep us up to date at We look forward to keeping you posted….

Happy sharing!