Stonehenge Summer Solstice

Come and celebrate Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, and engage in an unforgettable night of love, light and magic with your ever-expanding local and national community…

Join EYE C on our annual coach trip from Brighton to Stonehenge for this very special occasion.

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Summer Solstice is the day of the year with the longest daylight hours – this midsummer celebration has been marked with ritual and ceremony by pagans and druids for millennia – and we will be spending this special night at the sacred, ancient site of Stonehenge.

stonehenge at sunset

On arrival we’ll be creating a space to relax, chant, sing and play, with jams, drum circles and dancing through the night. All musical instruments are welcome – feel free to bring a drum, guitar, shaker or whatever else you feel inspired to play!

Inside the stone circle the energy is beyond words – a heightened sensory experience with up to 20,000 people on and around the site creating a carnival atmosphere!

The intention is to return to our native ancestral pastimes of joining in a tribal community experience, honouring our brethren and the earth herself.

EYE C is a community of inspired, creative artists, musicians and personalities who create events for people to express themselves in a free, safe, authentic and fun way. We see the interconnected nature of life and work towards finding ways to communicate and evolve together. We feel that finding the love within and expressing it is the way that we do this. As we open our hearts to love, we begin to experience it as the fabric of our reality and feel it at the core of our being. It is love that unites us – this is the e-love- ution.

The Solstice celebrations begin on Saturday 18 th June at our club night, Nu Tribe at The Synergy Centre, Brighton.

You can view the event and purchase tickets here

Nu Tribe is a joyous celebration of electronic and acoustic music and spoken word; a space to dance and feel free. A night of love and magic, colour and light, where we come together as a one to celebrate the divine within us, our ever-rising consciousness, and the glorious summer sun. One people, one tribe.

Entry to Summer Solstice 2016 is free of charge – please be respectful and observe the Summer Solstice 2016 conditions of entry.


Monday 20th June:
13:30 Meetup at Old Steine (South) Stop S, Brighton
14:00 Departure
18:00 (approx) Arrival at Stonehenge
21:26 Sunset

Tuesday 21st June:
04:52 Sunrise
10:00 Departure from Stonehenge
14:00 Arrival in Brighton

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