YRR – Optare Solo Bus YJ06 YRR

This bus was new to Arriva London North out of the recently closed Garston depot for services around Golders Green. It later passed to Metroline briefly with the update of the tender in June 2018 on loan from Arriva whilst Metroline were awaiting an order of Optare Solo SRs. In September 2018 with the successful introduction of Metroline’s new Optare Solo SRs YJ06 YRR was returned to Arriva London and put up for disposal. It was purchased by a dealer and repainted white. It joined our fleet in June 2019 and is used on both our 47 and 52 routes.

Arriva The Shires Solo 2469 (YJ06YRR) on route H2 at Golders Green
YJ06 YRR when new on the H2 route in London
The Big Lemon YJ06 YRR on Route 52
YJ06 YRR on the 52 route at St Peters Church in October 2019