Walking Holidays

Western Section South Downs Way – May 4th-7th 2018

Following on from our popular season of walks across the eastern section of The South Downs Way, The Big Lemon has put together a walking holiday to cover the western section from Winchester to Amberley.

Gate on the South Downs Way

We’ve been doing Sunday Walks for quite a few years now and this is the first time we’ve organised a holiday.  Our walks have generally been 5 miles or so with some gentle ups and pleasant downs.  This year the walks have been more like 8 miles with a few extra, not always gentle ups! (but the views at the top have been worth it).

For us to cover the western section in 4 days we’ll be averaging 12.5 miles per day.  This is a challenge I know for some of our walkers will be very keen to take on but this distance would not be everyone’s idea of a holiday.

With this is mind we will have 2 itineraries for the holiday which will run side by side.  One allowing walkers to complete the whole western from Winchester to Amberley averaging 12.5 miles a day and a second which will miss a few miles (and the odd steep hill) averaging 8/9 miles a day.  The first itinerary will set off slightly earlier each day and walkers will be a bit more independent, and the second itinerary walkers will enjoy a more leisurely start to the day and be in the company of a Big Lemon member of staff (much like our Sunday Walks).

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