Scania L94UB Wright Solar YN05 WKH

This bus was new to First Potteries as 65739 in August 2005 where it’s main service was the 1 route between Liverpool and Chester. It was purchased in 2012 by Stagecoach in a large scale buy out of First operations in the Wirral and was renumbered 28551 within the Stagecoach national fleet numbering system. As the bus was not standard to the rest of the Stagecoach fleet it was quickly withdrawn as new buses were arrived for the X2 route between Liverpool and Preston in 2017. It was purchased by Trusty Bus in Harlow before joining the Big Lemon fleet in September 2020. You’ll find this bus mostly operating on our shuttle service for MET College.

YN05 WKH on the 1 service to Chester with First Potteries

65739 | YN05WKH | Birkenhead

YN05 WKH as 28551 with Stagecoach in Merseyside

Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancashire 28551 YN05WKH

YN05 WKH with Trusty Bus in July 2018

Trustybus YN05WKH on route 410 at Harlow Bus Station - 31st July 2018