The Big Lemon operates seven public bus services serving large areas of Brighton & Hove.

We advertise on the back of the bus, on bus tickets, and on A3 posters placed at the front of the bus for all to see. There is only one poster space on each bus so your ad is guaranteed to be the only one on display at the time.

One of our mega-rear bus ads on display in Brighton
One of our mega-rear bus ads on display in Brighton

For further information and to purchase advertising space please click on the links below.

Full mega-rear – as in the photo above (This will open up an email enquiry form)

Bus ticket adverts – perfect for advertising money-off deals at local shops, cinemas and restaurants (This will also open up an email enquiry form)

A3 Poster at the front of the bus. This costs £20 for the first week and £10 for each week thereafter, and all prices include VAT and printing.

We also offer all our advertisers a free link on our Links page!

Advertising Approval Guidelines
  • We especially like to advertise local small businesses and organisations with social and environmental aims
  • Adverts should promote equality of opportunity regardless of race, religion or belief, sex, age and disability
  • Adverts should not be of a potentially offensive nature, nor related to controversial or sensitive public issues, nor use obscene language
  • Adverts should not be of a political nature
  • Adverts should not negatively affect the interests of The Big Lemon
  • Adverts must not condone or provoke anti-social behaviour
  • Adverts must comply with the law and must not incite anyone to break the law
  • Digital media files: please do not send files that could result in data corruption, a virus, worm, or Trojan horse, or an increased vulnerability to hacking.
Products and services which we will not promote through advertising:
  1. Tobacco
  2. Alcohol
  3. Gambling
  4. Sex shops
  5. Products connected with the arms industry
  6. Cars, with the exception of car clubs, liftshare etc.
  7. Foreign travel, eg foreign holidays, cruises, flights etc
  8. Cosmetic surgery
  9. Products tested on Animals
  10. Non-ethical banking products
  11. Products made from timber from unsustainable sources
  12. Products made through the exploitation of cheap labour
  13. Products promoting feelings of inadequacy in women, men and children

We reserve the right to refuse advertisements that are not consistent with our values.