Time off request

Please submit the times you would like to take off work and the type of leave you are requesting.

All holiday requests must be made at least 14 days in advance. During the year you accrue annual leave at the rate of approx 2.5 days/month. Normally you cannot take more time off than you have accrued so far; and the maximum holiday in one tranche is 2 weeks (if you want to take more time off please talk to a supervisor; this may be possible depending on time of year etc).

We try and grant all requests but must also ensure there are enough people left to cover the work, so cannot authorise more than two people off at the same time. Please refer to the holiday calendar to see when others are taking time off. Within these parameters annual leave will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis so the more notice you can give the better chance it will be granted. However please do not book any travel tickets etc until your leave request is agreed.

If you’re sick please call the office, or a supervisor, or the Emergency out of hours number (07795 433540). Please do not stop trying until you talk to someone; do not leave a voicemail, text message or Whatsapp as these may not be received in time.