Service Changes 29 April 2019

The Big Lemon has run the 16, 66, 47, 56 and 57 bus services since September 2017, and the 52 bus service since 2012.

During this time passengers have told us that:

  • The 52 doesn’t go as far as people want (many people want to go to the city centre)
  • The 16 & 66 have confusing timetables and get held up at the level crossing too often
  • Passengers in Saltdean don’t like the 57 bus route as it takes too long (they prefer a 47!)
  • Passengers on the 56 would like an hourly service, not every 75 minutes.

The main changes are that routes 47, 52, 56 and 66 will be re-organised into two longer routes (47 & 52) with improved frequencies, a simpler timetable and new connections and the Route 16 will become a flexible bus service between Hangleton and Portslade.

Route 16

Route 16 is going to be really special! It will become a new flexible service covering the whole of Hangleton, offering pick-ups and drop-offs at any bus stop on request.  To travel, all you need to do is call or text 07766 335506, leave a message and we will call you back within 15 mins with an estimated pick-up time. Once everyone in Hangleton is picked up, the service will run a fixed route and timetable from the Grenadier Hotel via the Knoll Estate to Portslade Station and Portslade Health Centre, and then return via Boundary Road, Portslade Station and the Knoll Estate to the Grenadier, and finally dropping off at any bus stop in Hangleton on request.

(Click on the timetable below for a larger PDF version)

On Schooldays the 16 will operate a school bus journey in Hangleton, Mile Oak and Portslade for school pupils at the new West Blatchington School numbered the 16B. On non schooldays this service will operate as a 16 using the same times as the proceeding journeys.

(Click on the timetable below for a larger PDF version)

Route 47

he new route 47 will run all the way from West Hove Sainsbury’s, along the existing 66 route to the Knoll Estate, then along the existing 56 route to Brighton Station, and finally to Saltdean along the current 47 route.

(Click on the timetables below for a larger PDF version)

Towards East Saltdean
Towards Sainsburys West Hove

Route 52

The new route 52 will run the existing 52 route from Woodingdean via Ovingdean to the Marina and the Hospital, then continue through Kemptown along the current 47 route to Old Steine, and then carry on up to Hollingbury and Patcham along the existing 56 route.

(Click on the timetables below for a larger PDF version)

Towards Patcham
Towards Woodingdean