How we work

Life should be fun. We aim to enjoy everything we do, and make sure everyone involved enjoys it too. Our customers should have the best possible experience on our buses; our staff should have the best possible time at work, and our investors should feel proud that it is all possible because of them. We also try and minimise any negative effects on the environment, and ensure that we always do our best for the wider community.

Happy bus

The Big Lemon is a Community Interest Company (CIC).

CICs are registered companies with special additional features, created for people who want to conduct a business for community benefit, and not purely for profit. This is achieved by a “community interest test”, an “asset lock”, and a “dividend cap”. These ensure that the company is established for community purposes and the assets and profits are dedicated to these purposes. CICs are regulated by the CIC Regulator.

Community is a big part of life at The Big Lemon. We are owned and run by members of the community and actively encourage members of the community to buy shares in the company. We regularly get out and about to talk to members of the community and host public meetings where people can come and discuss their thoughts, ideas and concerns with us and other members of the community.

In the past, we worked with students at the Brighton Aldridge Community Academy to collect waste cooking oil from home and recycle it into biodiesel for use on the buses.

Tom Druitt and Clive Bonny at BACA outlining proposals for waste oil and clothing recycling
Tom Druitt and Clive Bonny at BACA outlining proposals for waste oil and clothing recycling

It should come as no surprise that our basic philosophy at The Big Lemon is aimed at saving the world.

Saving the world from environmental armageddon, saving the world from greedy corporate monopolists, saving the world from boring jobs, and saving the world from bad service. We’re not angels, and sometimes we make mistakes. But our mistakes are despite our best efforts, because we’re human. And when we’re not making mistakes, we’re giving the best service that you could possibly wish for. Because that’s what we’re here for, and if we can make sure our passengers have a thoroughly enjoyable experience on our buses then they’ll use them again and again and stop using those dirty smelly things they call cars. And then we’ll all be better off.

How do we do it? By being friendly and helpful, and a little old-fashioned. We say hello when you get on the bus, and we have human beings answering the office telephone. We service the buses every four weeks to minimise breakdowns and increase reliability, and we have realistic timetables to ensure good punctuality. We always do our best to repatriate lost phones, wallets and items of clothing, and we’re always there for a cup of tea and a chat with anyone who wants one. Just come and say hello!