The Big Lemon has been lucky enough to have successfully applied for a number of grants and awards, and would like to share information with other groups to help them do the same.

We also offer a pre-assessment service run by our MD Tom Druitt who is an experienced assessor, most recently assessing applications for the ProfitNet Awards 2011 and the Local Energy Assessment Fund. This service enables you to have your application assessed by us before you submit it, and will hugely increase your chances of success. In our experience most grant applications are lacking in very simple ways, and huge amounts of grant money are unclaimed each year simply because applications have been incomplete or submitted with minor yet fundamental errors.

If you would like more information on grants, please visit the following websites:

To view the current East Sussex Commissioning Grants Prospectus, click here

If you are applying for a grant read Tom’s Top Tips!

If you would like help with your application or a pre-application assessment, please email Tom

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