Festival Coaches

Travel in Style to the Best Festivals in the South!

The Big Lemon Festival Coaches


Forget the parking hassle, the painful lugging of camping gear across train platforms, the endless wait for shuttle buses, the stupidity of trying to cram an army’s worth of kit into the boot of a cab… and let us take you in style to the festival of your choice, right from Brighton’s Old Steine (Stop S).

Our friendly drivers will pack your kit for you in the boot of one of our big comfy coaches, or inside one of our nice little buses, and you can relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere happy in the knowledge that the journey has minimal impact on the environment, with fuel fresh from the waste streams of Brighton’s finest restaurants… before we drop you off at the festival site!

The 2017 season has come to an end but we will be back in 2018

13 thoughts on “Festival Coaches

  1. Clare Shearer


    Did you run a coach to Festival No 6 in 2105? And are you thinking about it for 2016?

    Best wishes



    1. Hi Clare

      No, we’ve never run a coach to Festival No 6… are there lots of people from Brighton who want to go? Definitely something we could consider for 2016 🙂



    1. Hey Fiona, would love to go to WOMAD but we’ve been twice and both times there were only a very small number of people so it’s not viable I’m afraid… if you know lots of others going we might be able to do something…?


    1. Sadly not this time! The last couple of years there haven’t been enough bookings to cover costs so sadly we’ve decided not to run it this year. If you know enough people that want to go we’d happily reconsider!


      1. Susan

        Ah well, fair enough. There’s only three of us in my party so not enough. We’ll have to book with National Express. But their driver won’t be as friendly as yours are!


    1. Kelly Dibbert

      Hi James, yes we are but the tickets have sold out already. Book early next year and have a brilliant festival!


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