Responding to the Climate Emergency

Putting our climate at the heart of decision-making

Our goal is to ensure that our climate and nature restoration goals are front and centre in all decision-making and investments, and inclusive engagement with stakeholders ensures that the changes made are sustainable.

We will:

  1. Continuously check all our decisions as to whether they help or hinder efforts to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency.
  2. Publish an annual report on progress in meeting climate change and nature targets.
  3. Set measurable targets for our organisation to rapidly reduce our carbon footprint.
  4. Align all our organisational plans, policies and guidance with our climate and sustainability goals, including areas such as procurement and infrastructure development.
  5. Review and improve how we involve staff and other stakeholders in our existing decision-making processes.
  6. Work with partners to implement the recommendations of the Brighton & Hove Climate Assembly on Transport.

Raising money

Our goal is to have sufficient resources to invest in the changes needed to restore nature and meet climate goals, so that we can reap the dividends and deliver our fair share of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

We will:

  • Introduce workplace car parking charges to fund and encourage sustainable transport, particularly measures that allow staff to travel safely and sustainably to work.
  • Raise money for low-carbon infrastructure, particularly electric vehicles and infrastructure to charge them with renewable energy.
  • Invest 10% of annual surpluses in climate action and include these in our annual report.


Our goal is to ensure our premises are energy-efficient and low carbon.

We will:

  1. Install insulation and other measures to improve the energy efficiency of our offices and workshops
  2. Use reclaimed and second-hand furniture and fittings where possible
  3. Reduce the amount of power we use in our buildings by using low energy LED lighting, low energy computer equipment, and turning everything off when not in use


Our goal is to significantly and rapidly increase the proportion of people that travel to work by cycling, e-bikes and walking, as well as public transport.

We will:

  1. Discourage private car use and encourage car-sharing by charging for car parking on site
  2. Encourage cycling to work by providing safe and secure cycle parking facilities, and shower facilities where possible.
  3. Encourage use of public transport by providing staff passes for travel on all buses in Brighton & Hove
  4. Deliver a rapid transition of The Big Lemon’s fleet to electric vehicles.


Our goal is to support the growth and use of renewable energy, ensure energy is not wasted, and prevent the development of new fossil fuel extraction.

We will:

  1. Use renewable energy to power our offices and charge our vehicles
  2. Install renewable energy systems such as solar thermal, PV or heat pumps in our depot
  3. Reduce energy use wherever possible


Our goal is to be a sustainable consumption and zero-waste area, where all waste is minimised, recycled or reused as part of a circular economy approach.

We will:

  • Aim to send no waste to landfill or incineration.
  • Use food waste according to the food waste hierarchy of prevent, reuse, recycle. Ensure remaining non-recyclable biodegradable waste is used to generate biogas.
  • Adopt circular-economy waste policies in relevant plans and contracts.
  • Promote community sharing and reuse to reduce waste and unnecessary consumption.
  • Ban the use of single-use plastic in our offices and premises.

Education and Partnerships

Our goal is to encourage and support other organisations with their contribution to addressing the climate and nature emergency.

We will:

  • Tell our story as widely as possible and encourage the shift to electric vehicles and renewable energy
  • Share relevant data with other organisations to help the bus industry transition to net zero.
  • Take opportunities to speak to business networks, community groups, schools, colleges and other organisations to inspire others to take action to combat the climate emergency

Land use and Biodiversity

Our goal is to ensure everyone has access to nature in nearby green spaces and to restore nature to help draw down carbon pollution from the atmosphere.

We will:

  • Take part in community clean-ups and litter-picking in our community
  • Commit 5% of our depot area to green space and wildlife to improve staff well-being and support biodiversity
  • Plant 1000 trees by 2030