Changes to bus services from 14 January 2018

In September 2017 The Big Lemon took over the operation of five new bus services as part of Brighton & Hove City’s Council’s provision of supported bus services. In addition the City Council asked for an amended timetable on our existing service 52.

The handover was far from ideal and sadly passengers received very little notice of the changes due to the extended time it took to resolve legal issues surrounding the contracts. Moreover many of the services we took over were simply unworkable, with not enough time allowed on the timetable to get round the route. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to passengers during this time.

We have held public meetings and gathered lots of feedback from passengers and drivers, and as a result we have registered changes to timetables which will improve the reliability of services and also provide residents in Patcham with more frequent services. The changes will take effect from 14 January 2018.

Routes 16 & 66:

In the morning all 16 journeys will now serve Hangleton Valley Drive; there is slightly more time allowed in the afternoon on each service to enable better punctuality; and there is no longer any difference between weekday and Saturday services.

The new timetable is below, click on the image to give a larger, printable PDF.

Routes 16-66 Jan 2018

Route 56:

The frequency between Knoll Estate and Hollingbury ASDA has been reduced from every 60 minutes to every 75 minutes to allow more time for the buses to get round the route and thereby improve punctuality. The frequency between Patcham and Hollingbury ASDA has been increased from every 2 hours to every 75 minutes, meaning all services will serve Patcham once again.

The new timetable is below, click on the image to give a larger, printable PDF.

Route 56 Jan 2018

Routes 47, 52 & 57:

In East Saltdean the 47 & 57 buses will no longer wait at Grand Ocean, they will continue to Bannings Vale and then back towards Brighton Station so that passengers can get home quicker. To maintain punctuality they will instead have their break at Brighton Station.

The 52 service during the middle of the day will only call at the Marina on the journeys towards the Hospital. Journeys from the Hospital will no longer call again at the Marina, continuing instead direct to Ovingdean and Woodingdean, to improve punctuality.  Passengers wanting to get home to Ovingdean and Woodingdean should get on the bus on its way to the Hospital. The bus will go along the seafront to the hospital and then straight back towards Ovingdean and Woodingdean via Lidl and Roedean.

The new timetables are below, click on the images to give a larger, printable PDF.

Towards Brighton: Monday to Saturday
Routes 47-52-57 Jan 2018 Westbound

Towards Brighton: Monday to SaturdayRoutes 47-52-57 Jan 2018 Eastbound

57 Sunday ServiceRoute 57 - Sundays - Jan 2018