The Big Lemon started in 2007 when Tom Druitt and Graeme Simpson, two friends from childhood, got together to see if they could design a bus service that was affordable, sustainable and lots of fun. In late 2006 Tom organised a public meeting in a Brighton pub and a number of local people came and discussed the idea, and how it could work in the Brighton area.

Now, in 2013 the Company has a good team of people from many different backgrounds operating bus services, private hire coaches and a waste oil collection service. The Company is a Community Interest Company and is organised with a Board of Directors, a Management Team and an elite team of highly trained professional drivers.

Board of Directors

  • Fred Harrison (Chairman)
  • Tom Druitt (Managing Director)
  • Graeme Simpson
  • Neil Morgan
  • Neil Brookes

Management Team

  • Tom Druitt (Managing Director)
  • Neil Morgan (Director of Operations)

Driving Team

  • David Bacon
  • Desi Hernandez
  • Julia Fry
  • Ken Quick
  • Liam Nash
  • Mark Bennett
  • Neil Brookes
  • Neil Morgan
  • Phil Wollington
  • Richie Toner
  • Ryan Wrotny
  • Tom Druitt