The Value of Bus Travel

New Benefit-Cost Ratio analysis reveals enormous value of bus travel

Greener Journeys worked with KPMG LLP to update the Benefit-Cost Ratios (BCRs) of bus travel, illustrating how investment in buses delivers value for money.

Greener Journeys

​The new research looked at the economic, social and environmental benefits of the bus, examining the value of concessionary bus travel, the Bus Service Operators Grant and investment in bus infrastructure.

This new analysis reveals that every pound spent on local bus infrastructure can generate more than £8 of benefits for local businesses, communities and the environment. The study, which explores the ‘true value’ of local bus services, also found that each £1 spent on concessionary bus travel for older and disabled people generates £3.80 in wider benefits to society.

Big Lemon_Skye
The Big Lemon accepts both concessionary bus passes and Carer’s Cards

Buses are Britain’s most widely used mode of public transport and carry more commuters than all other forms of public transport combined, helping to generate £64bn per year for local economies. This vital research demonstrates the significant contribution that our buses make in keeping the UK moving and growing.

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  1. Eva Davies

    Dear Tom,if you are ever in Forest Row could we find time to meet ?I am envolved in the Pixton 3rd Age project and want to ask for some ideas regarding transport to and from the village.Happy New Year!Warmest good wishes,Eva

    Warm regards, Eva

    1. Kelly Dibbert

      Hi Eva

      Sadly we currently don’t run the University Bus service.

      Best wishes


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